Nimes pieces are meant to last for years, which is why we work with the best raw materials out there. We craft goods that transform over time, reflecting where each individual takes them, incorporating different elements - from sunshine, rain, or maybe even a drop or two of wine - along the way.

The leather we use is all natural and vegetable tanned, dyed with aniline. This means that it maintains its natural imperfections: we don't paint it or apply industrial processes that neutralize it.

For us, this is an essential part of what we do - it's what makes each product as one-of-a-kind as the person who uses it.

The denim we use is also different. Since it's unwashed and untreated, the final design is actually imparted by the wearer through how it's used and where it goes.

Nimes jeans slowly start to lighten and soften over time, becoming more comfortable and special, a true reflection of the person that wears them.

The opposite happens with Nimes leather. As time wears on, the sun - and life itself - will change the color from lighter hues to a darker tone.

Nimes pieces are dynamic and evolve over time, and the final result of each tells a different story.

Our designs are as unique as you are. We hope you'll come by and visit us in Villa Crespo the next time you're in Buenos Aires.