A little bit about our story

We are Clara and Santiago.

2016 we founded Nimes, our brand of vegetable tanned leather goods, and in 2019 we incorporated unwashed denim. We strive to design uniquely timeless pieces, products that improve after being worn with love.

The materials we use are all natural.

The leather is vegetable tanned, without any chemicals, and our denim is unwashed and untreated. Our products are as they should be, and we believe that every person who uses them has both the responsibility and opportunity to transform them into something that reflects the singular life they lead.

It's the commitment to these values that make our pieces honest, respecting their origins and placing quality and authenticity at the forefront of all that we do.

We produce everything by hand in our workshop in Palermo, Buenos Aires.

In fact, our design office and storefront are located in the same space as the workshop. Everything happens under the same roof: we are actively involved in every step of the process, starting when the raw materials arrive to when a customer walks out the door, finished product proudly in hand.

A day in our workshop

#MakingOf: Gorriti

our store in Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires

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