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April 04, 2017

NIMES starts here

a. The material

Nimes starts here.

Without leather, there is no product. Leather is our priority. Although we use different kinds of leather for our products, they all have something in common: they are natural and tanned with vegetal extracts. This is extremely important because it means that our leathers do not undergo any type of chemical process to change their appearance ; they are dyed with vegetal extracts from the bark of trees.

These features are our trademark and the reason our products are honest and respectful of their origin.

They are the way they should be and every person that wears them has the responsibility and the chance to turn them –through daily use- into the leather that most resembles their lifestyle.

b. Tanning the leather

Our tannery is by far our best ally. After searching for suppliers and types of leather, we found craftsmen in the south of Buenos Aires who really treat leather in a careful, respectful and sustainable way.

Our tannery is the only one in Argentina that reuses and recycles the waste it produces, ensuring that the cycle of the leather –from beginning to end- is environmentally friendly.

c. Cutting the leather

We receive the leather at our workshop in Palermo. Every Saturday we cut all our orders in plain sight and in less than a week our products are ready. Even if the design is the same, no product is identical to another because every animal is unique and so is its leather; every piece is a best fit with the bag or bagpack it will become.

More in our next post. Leather is the origin of everything and we're just getting started...

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