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September 20, 2019

Nimes Friends: Chula & Anita

A day with Chula and Anita

The last time we went to New York, at the @manwomanshows fair, we had the opportunity that @nmanassi take pictures of @chula.galvez and @anaminujin.

As soon as Chula and Anita met in New York for a common friend they became friends. Very friends. "New York is infinite but it can also be very lonely, sailing it with Chula made everything more enjoyable and happy" @anaminujin.

Anita lived in New York for a year and a half, is an actress and went to study film and stayed working as a waitress in a restaurant and as an assistant in a contemporary art gallery.

Anita's recommendations for New York: Red Rooster on Monday nights (it is always full but the band @therakiemwalkerproject @zoneout_worldwide cannot be believed), Joe´s Shanghai (the best reason to go to Chinatown, soup dumplings like never before in life), Swiss Institute @swissinstitute (small museum with great curatorship; instead of a gift shop they have a Printed Matter)

Chula has been living in New York for almost two years, working in bakery consultancies for @dimestimes and, pop ups in various places and for events with clients.

Chula's recommendations for eating in New York: @wildairnyc, @thefourhorsemenbk and @dimestimes.

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