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December 10, 2019

Nimes Friends: Celina

A day with Celina and her neighborhood: Colegiales 

Amigxs Nimes is a new series that introduces you to some of our most loyal clients and friends as they explore their neighborhoods. Toward the end of 2019, we joined Celina in Colegiales and followed along to her favorite spots. 

Celina is in charge of the communication and commercialization for Pielihueso (@pielihueso), a family enterprise that produces natural, low-intervention (just like our bags!) wines.

I spent the first 18 years of my life in Venado Tuerto, in the province of Santa Fe, followed by another eight in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, and the last two years in the neighborhood of Colegiales. The concept of belonging, to me, is fluid, dynamic, and personal. It takes you by surprise, changes on a whim, and suddenly one day when you’re traveling, or someone at a party asks you where you’re from, you feel it. That’s why, today if you ask me where I’m from, my answer would be Colegiales.

I love Colegiales and will tell anyone who will listen that it’s the best barrio in Buenos Aires - perhaps the world! It’s residential, but connected to the rest of the city. Everybody knows one another. Coming back home after a day out is like returning to a refuge. There aren’t any office buildings or skyscrapers. And the best part of the neighborhood? Its people. 

Lucky for me, I was able to work in Colegiales, so I really got to know the area by walking its streets day in, day out. Shopkeepers and other locals slowly grew to be a mix of acquaintances and friends; it’s those kinds of bonds that add warmth and color to your day, thanks to a simple chat while you’re en route to the office. You feel like you’re part of a truly diverse collective community.

I feel like a true blue Colegiales local and there are the spots that help make that a daily reality:

1- Atelier Fuerza (@atelier.fuerza). Yes, I’m celiac. Yes, I go to this bakery more than twice a week. I love it! I love sitting and chatting with Fran about the food industry, I love hugging Sofi, I love when Coni shows me what she’s working on and what fruit she’s going to use in that day’s production. Atelier Fuerza has given me so much: warmth and friendship, a lot of chipá, and a book by food critic Ruth Reichel that Sofi lent me (thanks Sofi!).

2- Tito Livio (@tlivio). I think Flor - the owner - was the first person I met when I moved to Colegiales. I love popping in and browsing through all the incredible furniture and home décor items they have. Of course I dream about bringing them all home with me, but I have neither the space nor the budget for that. I have managed to snag plenty of crystal glasses and cups, though - new ones come to the shop all the time and they’re just gorgeous. 

3- Céspedes Libros (@cespedeslibros). I’ve known Nacho, the owner, for ages; he was my bookseller when I lived in San Isidro! Finding a great bookstore is the best gift that your barrio can give you. Céspedes is perfect: it has a curated, contemporary selection of books. The people that work there have actually read everything that’s for sale and make the most personalized, empathetic recommendations for their clientele.

4- Loreto Garden Bar (@loretogardenbar). The best lunch in Buenos Aires. Period. Loreto is the greatest: Andy and Martín are always there and everything has such a family vibe to it. The Loretense salad is my all-time favorite, and the daily specials are always delicious and well-balanced. Some of the most memorable conversations I’ve had with friends have been over a lemonade at Loreto, but I’ve also spent a lot of time on my own there, I’ve had meetings there, I’ve gone with my parents. And I always leave a little happier than when I arrived.

Bonus track: My dream of having a local parrilla (steakhouse) nearby, with great prices and unbeatable quality, seltzer bottles and the perfect french fries, became a reality when I stumbled upon Parrilla Don Hugo.

I buy organic goods, fermented products, dairy alternatives, and salads at Granada (@granadacolegiales)

And Yedra Cocina (@yedracocina) is great when I want a different kind of tasty, healthy lunch - and to wash it all down with some kefir. 


-Celina (@queenxeleena) is wearing fanny pack colegiales, women denim and winebag with @pielihueso




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