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February 15, 2018

About our lovely neighbourhood >3

There's a lot of things that makes us who we are and define our group. Where we come from, where we live now (here!), what we eat (does anyone else has a gluten allergy?), what we studied (Clara, for example, is a fashion designer from the University of Buenos Aires), who our friends are, what books do we like, etc, etc, etc. All those things define Nimes, and we are 100% aware of that.

So today we work towards incorporating all the values of the neighbourhood our workshop is located, because it defines our brand. We want our products to be local. We are in Palermo Viejo, two blocks away from Villa Crespo and three blocks from Plaza Serrano. We are constantly in touch with creative people, with shops that look ahead, where cobblestone streets meet great coffee shops, tourist wander around (most of them looking for La Cabrera, the parrilla that is right in front of us), and wine glasses are poured.

We reflected on this together, and thought it would be a good idea to list the places we love the most, because good neighbours share :)


Sheikobs Bagels (Food) - Uriarte 1386

“The best and only real bagels in Buenos Aires. Also, Sheikob rocks”

Dulce de Leche & Co - J.A. Cabrera 5061

“I love that you get to try all these different types of Dulce de Leche from all over the country, FOR FREE”

Chori (Food) - Thames 1653

“Everything about Chori works. And now that I think about it, It also has something to do with what we do here in Nimes: they take this classic argentinian product and make something new and modern, very respectfully. I always go for their Chori Clásico.”

Full City Coffee House (Coffee) - Thames 1535

“The best and most honest coffee in Palermo, in my opinion. It´s really hard to walk by their door and not go in for an espresso”.


Libros del Pasaje (Books) - Thames 1762

As well as having one of the best books collections in the city, they have the greatest coffee place in the back, where you can read or work. Their gluten free carrot cake is the best”.

Pain et Vin (Wine) - Gorriti 5162

Best place to buy and drink wine in Palermo, period. Eleonora, the owner, knows a lot about wine, and they have new exciting stuff all the time. You can tell they love what they do.

Café Ghi-da (Food) - Av. Córdoba 4999

“The most neighbourhoody spot in the neighbourhood. Unpretencious small tables, vino con soda and a great spanish tortilla. I love going there and feel the confort of knowing like same things never change”


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